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How Do You Keep Your Drive In The Fairway?

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Keeping the ball in the fairway is a process that can take players quite some time to learn. However, the rest of the game becomes considerably easier once you start hitting shots in the fairway. If you are wondering how great players keep their drive in the fairway, here are the things to consider.


Keep Your Drive In The Fairway With Good Technique

To hit a drive in the fairway, your swing should be relatively sound and on plane. Alignment is a key factor to hitting a drive in the fairway. Making sure that you have good balance and are able to swing with your full speed and power also encourages extra distance and accuracy.

Good technique in the golf swing is important as players often struggle to get the ball in the fairway until they have their technique down.


Golf Course Management Is A Must

Golf course management means carefully looking at the trouble on the hole and ensuring that you navigate it properly. If there are bunkers down the left side, keep the ball more towards the middle. Water down the right; think about hitting a three wood with a bit of a draw off the tee box.

It takes some time and some skill to learn how to manage a golf course the proper way, but it's worth it because golf course management is pretty important.


Keep It In The Fairway With Proper Golf Course Strategy

Setting up a strategy for the golf course before going out to play is a great way to hit more fairways. Try to think about not just your plan for the golf course but also take into consideration the weather, how you feel, and your general ability to hit the fairway.

If you really struggle with this area of your game, think about a club that is a bit easier for you to manage.



Keeping your ball in the fairway is a very important task since you can play more aggressive with your approach shots. Without hitting enough fairways unfortunately you can't lower your scores significantly. Usually you can't break 80 without hitting enough fairways, so keep practicing!😉

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