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How can I improve my golf strategy

How Can I Improve My Golf Strategy

golf strategy

Golf strategy is the way you approach the game. Not simply how the ball is hit but how the game is played. Golfers that learn to hit the ball consistently will eventually want to work on golf strategy to help them become better players. Here are 7 ways in which you can improve your golf strategy and become a great player.


7 Ways To Improve Golf Strategy

Does golf require strategy? Golf strategy can take some time to develop. This is not something that comes naturally to beginner golfers. If you have been playing the game a long time and still make the same mistakes, try implementing some of these strategies.

Golf strategy is also very beneficial for high handicappers, it doesn't really matter what's your handicap because game of golf should be always played smart and strategicalšŸ˜‰


Pick A Plan And Stick To It

The night before your round, try to think about a swing through you want to carry with you for your next round. Keep this thought in your mind the entire time you play, and don’t change it mid round. So many players hit a bad shot and then change their entire plan for the day; this does not work.


Stay Positive

It’s very easy to get negative on a golf course. If you want to play well, keep your thoughts positive. I have always loved the quote, “treat your birdies like your bogeys.” If you can remain mentally stable and positive throughout your time on the course, your results will be better.


Be Realistic About Your Round

If you are a 15 handicap, don’t expect to shoot 72. Instead, play like a 13 handicapper. Try to make an extra par, or even a birdie if possible. Avoid the big numbers and accept a bogey when it happens. The point is you must be realistic about your abilities; the hero shot does not work.


Consider The Trouble

Evaluate each hole on the golf course for trouble. This trouble doesn’t have to be sand or water. Trouble can be a pin with hardly any green around it on the left side. If this is the case, aim for the right side of the green, a long putt is better than having to chip onto a green with no room to work with.


Know Your Carry Distance

Carry distance is more important than total distance. Learn how far you hit each of your clubs in the air, and then make intelligent decisions about the distance you need to hit your shots to clear trouble.


Watch The Professionals

Professional golfers have excellent golf strategies. They are smart in the way they play; they play different types of shots and think about angles constantly. If you really watch what they do and the way they approach golf holes, you can learn a great deal about golf strategy.


Take An On Course Golf Lesson

If you feel as though you need some help with your golf strategy, consider taking an on course lesson. On course, lessons work more on course management than they do swing mechanics. This is a great solution for the golfers that are trying to play well as opposed to simply swinging well.



As I mention in a lot of strategy is important. If you don't have one you can easily leaving 3 or even more shots per round on a table. Knowing when and which club to choose is crucial to make the best possible decisions and leave yourself the best possible next shot. Do you agree?


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