There's only one reason of creating the Golf Madness learning center - to share the knowledge with all the golfers around the globe and teach them play more strategic. It's the simplest way to improve golf without changing and breaking your swing with too many technical analysis.


I'm Ziga Mlakar

Hi, I'm Ziga, former competitor golfer and a golf instructor from Slovenia in central Europe. (Click HERE if you don't know where Slovenia is๐Ÿ˜Š)

I would love to share my know-how with you to make you a better golfer. And what many golfers, even scratch golfers don’t often use is a proper golf strategy.

I’ll make sure to improve that, to teach you from my own mistakes and with the modern approach to strategic golf. 

What I Would Like To Teach You

To Finally Enjoy Golf

Learn how to play smarter golf and enjoy it every time without being in the wrong positions.

Make The Right Decisions

With proper risk management you'll know exactly which is the right club and right decision.

To Prepare And Use A Strategy

Golf without strategy is a game of luck. Golf with strategy is a well executed plan.

My Story

When I was 18 years old (that’s quite some time ago๐Ÿ˜Š) I wanted to play golf professionally and had a dream to become the next Tiger Woods but things didn’t go as I planned.

Because of my love and passion for the game I decided to help others with the knowledge I gained through the years of playing in numerous tournaments, numerous golf courses, days and nights spent on the driving range with different coaches, with colleagues competing against each other and putting in the hard work.

Why I Do It

When I play golf at different courses I notice the same thing on and on - that most average golfers don’t use a proper course management and golf strategy techniques, even the single digit handicap golfers.

Golf strategy is overall a pretty complex thing including course management, tactics and different strategies (for tee shots, approach shots, short game etc.). This is why I do my best to teach golfers all around the world everything about it so that they can improve their strategy, their game and enjoy in golf as much as possible.


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Company name: REF d.o.o.
Address: Vrbanska 97, 2351 Kamnica
Country: Slovenia

VAT ID: SI 17078741

Support email: [email protected]

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