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What is a secret to a good golf swing

What Is The Secret To A Good Golf Swing?

golf tips Aug 29, 2022

If you want to know what is the secret to a good golf swing, here are 4 quick tips I give to almost every golfer, regardless of handicap.


The Secret To A Good Golf Swing

Many golfers wonder if there is a secret to a perfect golf swing, but it is more of a series of things that help to create a good golf swing. Having your head centered, balance in your stance working on physical strength and your tempo will be four of the key secrets to a good golf swing.


Centering Of Your Head

One of the best ways to make your golf swing more consistent is to keep your head centered as you swing. Keeping your head in place and centered encourages more of an efficient pivot and turn. When your head starts to slide and move away from the center, the swing can get very inconsistent. 

head centered in golf swing for a perfect golf swing

Centered is meant as in the same position from the start to finish. With longer clubs and driver the head should be a little back because of the upper body lean, but the most important thing is to keep it in place. You should rotate around your spine and not slide the head left, right, up or down. This is the most common reason for thin or fat shots in golf. It can also be a big reason for a slice or a hook shot.


Balance In Stance

Having better balance in your stance allows the rest of your golf swing to work. Have you ever really seen a professional that is falling over after they hit? Do they look in control? Are they able to repeat the same motion? Balance in your stance and your finish are both critical features of a great golf swing.



Golf swing tempo is one of the most overlooked things about golf. You can even have a bad swing but hit balls very good if you have a good tempo. A good tempo will help you with your repetition, great ball contact and control. Even pro golfers are doomed without a good tempo, regardless of a swing quality. 

You don't know how to find your own tempo? Here's an advice from Mr. Todd Kolb, Golf digest top instructor: Click here for a Youtube video


Physical Strength

Physical strength makes any sport considerably easier. When you are strong, you can save shots. I have taken many poor swings in my life, but with physical strength and hand-eye coordination, I’ve been able to save the shot. Even though golf isn't a dynamic sport, physical condition plays a big part in it, don't forget that!



I hope these quick tips will help you. Let me know if you find it useful and if you miss any other information I could add in the next articles. I'm always glad to help you improve in golf 😉


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