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How to hit more fairways

How To Hit More Fairways - 4 Best Tips

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Hitting the fairway can get you off to a great start on a hole, and ensuring that you hit the fairway can help give you a chance of making a par on the hole. Let’s take a look at some of our best tips to help you hit more fairways this year. Making a few simple changes to your golf game strategy can increase your fairway hit percentage considerably.


Don’t Always Choose Driver

The driver is not the club that you must use on every tee box. Of course, there are times that the driver is the best choice and will produce the most distance, but other times it is too risky. With the driver being the lowest lofted golf club in the bag and also having the most length, it's a bit of a gamble.

On a shorter par 4 or a par 5, when you won’t reach the green in two, think about hitting a 3 or 5 wood. Keep in mind that you need to know your yardage for every golf club so you know how to play the hole strategically.


Work On Alignment

So many golfers will mistake a swing flaw with an alignment issue. Sometimes you start making extensive swing changes that are just not necessary, and all that you need to work on is alignment. Your alignment needs to be perfect with the driver; this takes some practice.

Make sure your feet, shoulders, and hips are headed towards your target and that the ball position is correct. If your alignment is just a little off, when your swing speed is fast, the dispersion rates will be high.


Ensure Proper Setup Position

When you set up to hit your golf shot, make sure that the ball position, hand placement, grip, and shoulder tilt are perfect. If they are not, you will end up missing the fairway. Overall, setup can have a major impact on your overall ball flight and swing path. Do you know how the club head should look like at the address? Check it out here!

To ensure you have a proper setup position, practice with alignment sticks. Also, make sure that you are focusing on balance and stability as you set up.


Play For Your Typical Ball Flight

All golfers know what their typical ball flight is. Sometimes this is a left to right shot; other times a right to left. When trying to hit more fairways, be sure to play your typical ball flight. Don’t get too hung up on trying to fix all of your golf swing issues while on the course.

If you fade the ball a little, aim down the left and let the ball fade in.



Hitting more fairways is the first step toward becoming a low handicap golfer. You must work on hitting more fairways to be able to hit more greens and make more birdies. Don’t get so hung up on hitting a driver straight; you can use other clubs and play your own ball flight to get great results.


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