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How Many Fairways Does The Average Golfer Hit?

How Many Fairways Does The Average Golfer Hit?

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Do you know how many fairways does the average golfer hit?

The average golfer hits about 50% of the fairways on a good day and less on a bad day. For golfers to hit a fairway, not only do they need to hit the ball straight, but it also has to be a relatively long shot. At some golf courses, it is at least 150-200 yards before the fairway starts.


Hitting more fairways

Hitting more fairways makes it incredibly easier to hit more greens. When you hit a fairway, the chance of hitting the green is quite a bit higher. Higher ball flight and more accuracy are a direct result of hitting an approach shot from a fairway lie as opposed to a lie in the rough. Did you know that you can also hit more fairways with proper golf course management?


Pay close attention to your fairways hit percentages so you can start making appropriate adjustments to your game. Here's also a stat about what is a good percentage of fairways hit based on handicap:


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