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How do I get better at golf course management

How Do I Get Better At Golf Course Management? 

golf course management Aug 03, 2022

Golf course management can make or break a round. Most amateur golfers focus more of their attention on hitting long and straight shots than on the idea of learning to play a golf course the right way. There are some things that you can do that will greatly impact your ability to manage a golf course and become a better player. Here are some of our best tips for getting better at golf course management.


What is golf course management? 

Golf course management is a golfer's ability to make the proper decisions for club selection and shot placement around the course. Why is golf course management important?

For example if you choose to hit a 7 iron over the water even though it’s the yardage for an 8 iron, this is an example of golf course management. The decisions that players make will either be right or wrong, and they will have a direct impact on your score.


Golf course management tips

To get better at golf course management, here are a few of my favorite tips.


Know your carry distances

Although most players know how far they hit different types of shots, they won’t know their full carry distances. Hitting a 7 iron 150 yards is great, but that is likely the total distance; how far did you carry it? Most players may only carry the shot 145 yards, and this will make a big difference when it comes to going over trouble or getting the shot close to a pin.


Look at the entire green

So many amateur golfers focus on the pin. Although it is great to hit your shot close to the pin, the chances of this are probably slim. It may make more sense to look at an area where you will be setting yourself up for your next shot. Uphill putts are easier to make than downhill, and you will want to be on the same level as the pin if your green has more than one tier.


Check the pin placement from the tee

The pin placement on the green matters. If the pin is on the right side of the green, you will want to approach it from the left. This means that a drive down the left side of the fairway is the best option. If you have a birdie book it's even easier, because you can see the green shape, breaks and everything related to it before you even approach the hole.

check the pin position to approach a correct golf course management strategy


Learn different types of shots

Sometimes a full swing shot is not the best option. Having the ability to hit different types of shots with varying trajectories and ball flight will greatly increase your chance of success. It doesn't matter if you're a long or a short hitter, a proper course management will help you play smarter and better.


Never aim yourself into trouble

The idea of aiming away from trouble is fairly standard for golf course management. However, some golfers take this to the extreme and aim themselves into trouble. If you slice the ball and there is water down the right side of the fairway, aim to the left side of the fairway. Don’t, however, aim to the left rough!!! What happens if you hit the ball straight? You have just aimed yourself into trouble.


Think about percentages

The percentage shot is the one that you can pull off the majority of the time. For many golfers, the idea of the glory shot or the once-in-a-lifetime shot ends up causing them quite a bit of trouble. Players need to consider the shot that they can pull off most often and play that one.

Although the glory shot may help you make an eagle, it will more likely help you make a double or triple bogey. Professional golfers hit impressive shots often, but they have practiced and prepared for these.



I'm glad you're interested in golf course management, because this means you know you need to approach golf in all areas, including golf strategy and golf course management. If you're interested in reading more about golf course management, feel free to read more articles HERE.


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