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Percentage of golfers that break 80

Percentage Of Golfers That Break 80

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Have you always wanted to break 80? The percentage of golfers that break 80 is pretty low, but let's take a look how much and why...

Breaking 80 in golf is sort of a right of passage where players finally feel as though they are great players. However, breaking 80 is rare, and it takes quite a bit of time to make it to a position in the game where you can consistently break 80. If you are wondering how difficult this really is, we have you covered.


What is the percentage of golfers that break 80?

Only about 2 percent of golfers are able to break 80. Breaking 80 is something that requires very few mistakes, incredible ball striking, and the ability to play well under pressure. Once you start breaking 80 consistently, you realize how quickly that score can sneak up over 80 with just one bad chip or a drive that goes out of bounds.

Shooting 79 means that you will have to make no more than 7 bogeys, and all the rest of the holes will be a par. For players that struggle to keep the ball straight, this is quite difficult.


Why is it so difficult to break 80 in golf?

Breaking 80 in golf is difficult because you are not able to make many mistakes. A bogey may not seem like a bad hole; in fact, if you hit a shot out of bounds or into a water hazard, the bogey may seem like a great score.

However, unless you are making quite a few birdies, you can’t make more than 7 bogeys and still break 80. In addition, many golfers have at least one hole per round where they have a double or even triple bogey.

This will be difficult to recover from and require almost perfect play for the rest of the round.


Tips for learning to break 80

If you think you are ready to break 80 consistently, here are some tips that will help you get there a bit faster . . .

  • Get really good at the short game; keep in mind that not all short game shots are played with the same hole
  • Think about course management; what side of the fairway do you want to approach the green from?

  • Be able to play with more than just the driver from the tee box
  • When you have a bad hole, put it out of your mind and focus on making the next hole a good one
  • On golf holes that intimidate you, change your strategy, even play for a bogey to keep those larger numbers off the scorecard
  • Watch and play with great players that can teach you how to become better
  • Start tracking your stats so you can see the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game
  • We have a lot of tips to improve your game in the other articles on our blog, take a look HERE!


Most important shots to practice to break 80

It's a fact that if you want to break 80, you need to practice. But not just practice, you need to practice correctly and also the right shots. Here's my TOP 9 list of most important golf shots to practice if you want to break 80:

  • Chip shot
  • Pitch shot from 50 yards and closer
  • Putting from 3 to 10 feet
  • Escape shots - low shots behind the trees
  • Short iron shots between 60 and 120 yards
  • Putts between 20 and 30 feet
  • Bunker shots around the green
  • Consistent tee shots
  • Putting from the fringe or fairway

I break down every single one of them in a separate article which you can find HERE 😉



Hopefully, you now feel as though you have the necessary tools to break 80 and get your game to the next level. Some players need to get over the mental fear of breaking 80 and just start doing it. Stop being afraid of draining a birdie putt; get out there and work for those lower scores; those that work at it can do it.


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