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Should you warm up before golf?

Should You Warm Up Before Golf?

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Warming up before a round of golf is very important. Warming up can include stretching, as well as hitting golf balls. Doing this before a round of golf helps to prepare you for the game you are about to play and will help ensure you play your best game possible. Let’s take a look at why you should warm up before golf and some ways you can improve your effectiveness on the course.


Is It Necessary To Warm Up Before Golf?

Warming up before a round of golf is necessary. If you don’t warm up, it could take three or four holes before your body is ready to take swings and make great contact with the ball. Warming up does not have to take long, but there are some important reasons to incorporate this into your routine.


Golf Swing

Taking the time to warm up before a round of golf will ensure that your swing is warmed up and ready. This could mean straighter shots that fly further. If you don’t warm up your golf swing before the round, you will have no idea what you are dealing with when you head to the first tee.

Of course, this does not require hitting hundreds of golf balls. Hit golf balls until you feel comfortable, and head to the first tee. There are no reasons to let fatigue set in.

Even if you don't have enough time to hit some golf balls at the range, make at least a couple of practice swings, do some squats, some shoulder and torso turns, hip rotations etc... A quick warm up for a whole body.

Otherwise you can get injured very quickly. Don't take this to easily, one wrong move and you're done with golf for a month or two.


Injury Prevention

As mentioned, warming up before a round of golf will also help to prevent injuries. If you want to be able to play golf often without a wrist, shoulder, or back injury, try to do some practice swings, hit a few shots before you head out to the course. Injuries are frustrating and will cost you time on the golf course.


Mental Game

Warming up before a round should also include thinking about your strategy for the course that day. What clubs do you plan to hit off the first tee? Is your goal to break 80, 90, 100? Do you want to avoid bunkers, or are you feeling more aggressive and you want to shoot for the pins.

Having some idea of the best mental game strategies for the day will make your time on the golf course more enjoyable.



Warming up before a round of golf is essential and something that all golfers should do. If your pre round warmup includes hitting ten golf balls, stretching, and then taking a few minutes to play the golf course in your head, that is acceptable.

However, as you take the game more seriously, be sure to add in the adjustments you need to make your warmup match your goals on the course.


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