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Percentage of golfers that break 100

Percentage of Golfers That Break 100

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One of the rights of passage of a new golfer is when they learn to break 100. Breaking 100 is not as easy of a task as it may sound, and many people consider you a real golfer when you break 100. Of course, many factors go into a golfer's ability to break 100; let’s look at the number of golfers that can actually do this and then some tips to help ensure you can break 100 very soon.


What Percentage of Golfers Can Break 100?

The percentage of golfers that can break 100 is right around 50 percent. This number can never be entirely accurate because of the factors involved, the way that some golfers don’t keep score properly, and the golf course conditions that will also impact scoring.

However, as you can see from this 50 percent ballpark number, the chance of playing golf and breaking 100 is actually quite difficult. The main reason that golf is so difficult is the number of talents a golfer must have.

It’s not enough to learn how to drive the ball; you must also hit iron shots, wedge shots, and even make great putts. Not to mention the practice it takes...

If you are ready to start breaking 100, here are a few key tips to follow.


5 Tips To Break 100 In Golf

Here are 5 tips that you can use to start breaking 100. Remember, not all of these need to be implemented the first day you decide to start working on your game; gradually work up to them over time.


Get Good Out Of The Sand

The sand trap is a place where your ball is going to land from time to time. Do yourself a favour and prepare for this by practicing from the sand trap. Find a local practice facility that has a sand trap and use it. Your first goal would be to hit every ball out of the bunker and on the doesn't matter how far from the hole, hitting the green will be good enough for the start πŸ˜‰

woman practice hitting from the sand to break 100


Have A Back Up Off The Tee

Don’t always hit your driver from the tee box; the 3 wood or even a hybrid can be a good choice to consider. It's good to have a "safe" club which places you on the fairway if you find yourself on a narrow hole with a lot of hazards and obstacles.


Aim For Two Putts

So many golfers waste shots on the putting green. Aim for taking two putts on each green, and your score will drop quickly. This will require practicing hitting longer putts and getting them within three feet of the pin. Putting distance control is crucial!!!


Plan Shots and Break 100

Don’t just get up to a ball and hit, think about where you want it to go, which club to use and how to execute the shot; this planning can save you many strokes. Planning the right golf strategy can be very beneficial for breaking 100. HERE you can find some important tips about golf strategy for beginners.


Play For A Bogey

Some golf holes are very difficult to par, stop putting stress on yourself and your golf game to try and par these holes. A simple look at how to get a bogey on the hole. After all, if you learn to bogey every hole, you will be well on your way to breaking 90.



As you can see, breaking 100 is quite a challenge. I bet that you can make it with at least a little practice and a good golf strategy. Sometimes you find yourself in a bad position because of the incorrect club choice etc. Always evaluate the risk/reward for the shot you commit to and play one shot at a time ;)


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