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Golf strategy for beginners: top tips for beginner golfers

Golf Strategy For Beginners: TOP Tips For Beginner Golfers

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By definition, a strategy means carrying out a series of well-considered actions that allow you to achieve a specific goal. Even if you're a beginner you definitely need a strategy, but a golf strategy for beginners which is a little bit different from a pro strategy.

In the case of golf, the most outstanding players are almost obsessed with their game strategies. Having a good golf strategy defines and probably decides your good or bad chances on the course.


You know Jack Nicklaus? He had a very strict golf strategy

American Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golfer of all time. With 18 major titles (6 Masters Tournaments, 5 PGA Championships, 4 US Open and 3 Open Championships) and 117 professional victories, he is the king of the legendary Scottish sport. Nicklaus never strayed away from his golf strategy during his prolific career. Without a strategy, he would have never managed to become the undisputed best player of all time.

"The Golden Bear" left a significant legacy on golf strategy. In his innumerable publications, you find advice for all types of players, especially golf tips for beginners. As in all sports, establishing a process is the starting point for success.

He also said:

"It takes hundreds of good shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to to lose it."


Why a golf strategy for beginners is a good thing?

A good strategy begins with the fundamental and basic knowledge of golf. The initial plan lies in knowing and assimilating them and then moving on to more specific concepts. This is the best way to start, before moving towards more complex practices in later stages of the process.

One way to assimilate the essential golf tips for beginners is to start with practice in order to lay the foundations and start improving your skills as a golfer.


What exactly is a golf strategy, and how does it look

In addition to having all components of your plan well-identified, a golf strategy is essentially a routine. Golf strategy is actually a plan how to play the course with proper tactics and decisions, but beginners should also learn the repetition of exact steps allows you to achieve the best results from a technical point of view. For example, the swing routine. Golf instructors put a lot of emphasis on the pre-routine and a golf strategy:

  • How to choose the club.
  • How to stand behind the ball to identify the line of the stroke.
  • How to stand in front of the ball.
  • How to align the feet in the stance.
  • How to grip the club correctly.
  • How to define the location of the ball.
  • How to start the backswing.
  • How to get to the top of the swing.
  • How to perform the downswing.
  • How to follow through.
  • How to do the finish.

And so on, until the shot is completed. Without this routine (one of the main ones), it is impossible to have a consistent game.



How to play strategic golf as a beginner golfer

For a beginner, golf routines are not easy to assimilate. “Anxiety” leads you to want to hit the ball directly without assessing the situation before the shot. Undoubtedly, acquiring good habits takes time, and it is essential to take these golf tips for beginners into account. For example, try to quantify your stepping into the swing. Know how long your routine lasts before each shot, regardless of if it is from the tee, fairway, or green.

The same could be applied to the time of your arrival at the club before a golf round. Arriving early will undoubtedly allow you to have 30 minutes on the driving range (where you will also establish a practice routine), practice on the putting green, and finally arrive on time (usually 10 minutes early) at the tee. It is not the same as getting to the club in a hurry than doing it with time.

Wisely, Nicklaus always said, "don't let the outcome influence your shot choice." What does this mean? Unless you have no other alternative, you should never abandon the routine and your established strategy. Also, you should never care about the result when making your swing, but understand that this is part of a great routine that you must replicate repeatedly. "The Golden Bear" used to repeat this idea as a mantra: "Patience gets its reward."

It is also part of the strategy to make a preliminary quick analysis of the course you will play: fairways, obstacles, undulations, weather on the day of the round.


Driving golf tips for beginners

The shot with the driver is one of the most important in golf. You can use this club up to 14 times during a golf round in conventional situations. Unlike the shots you take from the fairway, the driver routine before a tee shot includes the following actions:

  • Choose the place on the tee box from where the shot will be performed.
  • Place the ball on top of the tee, at the right height (depending on your club and the shot you want to make).
  • Have a consistent pre-shot routine.
  • Establish a wide stance.
  • Place the ball in front of the stance correctly.
  • Place the hands at a suitable distance from the body.
  • Imagine the trajectory of the ball. Visualise it!
  • Think about starting your swing slowly and then swinging consistently.

So many concepts can be overwhelming to some players, but the only certainty is that they are all necessary and are all part of a great inescapable routine that you must repeat over and over again.


Putting golf tips for beginners

The putter is the club you use the most in a golf round. However, your goal will be to use it much less often as time progresses. Taking as a basis that you get to use it twice per hole, we can say that you will make 36 strokes with the putter, for now.

The game on the green also requires a golf strategy and a routine. The correct reading of the putt break must be done from different positions:

  • Looking at the ball on its way to the hole.
  • Looking at the line from behind the hole towards the ball.
  • Looking at the putter line from its sides.

Consider the green speed, which will also determine how much break to choose and how strong to hit the putt. Also, contemplate whether the surface is wet or dry, if it is windy, and many other issues.

All in all: analysing all this information is easier if you have a consistent routine that is part of your golf strategy.



The best and easiest way to learn the basics and to have a good golf strategy for beginners is to start with training and repetition. This will be your foundation for honing your skills as you progress to other levels. Avoid getting advice from too many sources when you start training because it can overwhelm not only your tolerance and nerves but surely also your game. Try to get accurate, relevant and valuable advice from a single basis only.

Without a doubt, your golf instructor is the right person for this. I can't say that his teachings will lead you to win one of the major tournaments that Jack Nicklaus won, but with a consistent golf strategy, you will have the chance to do well in the next rounds of your club's championship.


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