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Bogey golf strategy - how to play bogey golf

Bogey Golf Strategy - How To Play Bogey Golf

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Bogey golf strategy is tempting for every new golfer. The goal of every golfer beginners is to be a "bogey golfer". Mine was too. Playing bogey golf means making a bogey in average on every golf. This means you play on average 18 shots above par on a full 18-hole round. Sounds simple, but it'a challenge for everyone who's trying to break 90. I believe that with a proper bogey golf strategy you can do it easier and faster. Here are some simple tips you can implement in your bogey golf strategy:


1. How to play bogey golf?

Number one question is: "how to play bogey golf?". And the number one answer is: "Practice a lot, know your strengths and prepare a great bogey golf strategy that you can rely on."


2. What should a Bogey golf strategy include?

Bogey golf strategy is much more extensive than we can capture in a single article, but the key factors are:

  • tee shot strategy
  • approach shot strategy
  • scoring tactics
  • recovery shots strategy
  • putting strategy and tactics


Tee shot strategy

If you'd like to play bogey golf you simply need to know on which side of the fairway you want to position the ball for the easiest next shot. It's the same with par 3 holes - you need to know on which side of the green you need to be for a par or bogey chance.

Your bogey strategy should always include tactics how to make par, in extreme cases you can plan a bogey on the most difficult holes. Although you're aiming for a bogey round, there's no such thing as playing 18 bogeys in a row so there will be some pars in between.

Actually it will be something like this: 4 pars, 11 bogeys, two double bogeys and one triple bogey. This is just for you to imagine what bogey golf means in reality. It can be also very different, there's many possibilities...


Approach shot strategy

If you're not 50 yards or less away from the flag, or if the flag isn't in the dead center of the green, NEVER aim for the pin. It will worsen your results and get you in trouble. Always keep the bogey golf strategy in place and go for the safe shot. Evaluate where are the hazards and obstacles around the green and choose your shot wisely according to that.



Scoring tactics for a bogey golf strategy

As mentioned previously, you need to know where you can score par and where not. There will be a few holes on every golf course that you can aim for a bogey, but otherwise the goal can be always par before teeing off. Scoring tactics are basically knowing where to go for the better result and when to play a little more careful and conservative.

You have to be aware that bad shots will arise and this is where also scoring tactics come in play. After a bad shot you need to re-evaluate the hole and the current position you're in. If you found trouble (sand, trees, deep rough etc.) the next shot will almost always be chip/pitch to the fairway. You need to get yourself to a good position where you can then again aim for the green with your third shot.


Recovery shots strategy

After I mentioned the chip from trouble back to the fairway it's good to tell that recovery shots should always be conservative. You're not trying to save par. Maybe this is one of the double or triple bogey holes I wrote about above. It's normal getting into trouble but you need to get out of it as soon as possible without any "hero shots".


Putting bogey golf strategy and tactics

One putt is worth as much as a 250-300 yard shot. Can you even imagine? Beginner golfers usually don't focus as much on putting as on other aspects of golf, but it's very important.

Bogey golf strategy for putting 

The most important thing is having a putting strategy that includes positioning your ball for the next putt, depends on the green slope and speed. Although there are many factors how to put together a successful putting strategy, the main thing is to eliminate three putts !!!

Beside eliminating three putts, make sure you always try to get to a maximum of 3 feet with your first putt. And if you can, leave an uphill putt, which is far easier than downhill putt.


3. Quick tips for playing a bogey round of golf


Make sure you always warm up

Warm up is the crucial part of golf. Not just to make better results, but to stay healthy and well prepared for every round of golf. You can't imagine how fast an injury can happen. It's enough that you stretch a muscle and you're off the course for a month or so...


Practice pitching, chipping and bunker shots

Pitching and chipping will most definitely help you improve your results. Especially as a beginner golfer or a high handicap golfer you don't hit so many greens, where short game comes in play.


Eliminate three-putts

As already mentioned, it's crucial to eliminate three putts, this is why it deserves to mentioned twice. They are the score killer. The most important putting drills are for distance control and within 10 feet.


Maybe give your driver a rest

Leave your driver in a locker room if you're not exactly best friend with your driver. In many cases leaving driver in a locker resulted in a better result because the shot dispersion is smaller and you're in a better position for a second shot.


Keep the ball in play

Don't force your shots. Play conservative, play safe and keep the ball in play. Aim for the middle of the green, target the part of the fairway away from the water hazard etc. It's better to have one additional stroke than another one because of penatly.



We covered some of the tips and parts of the bogey golf strategy in this article which I hope will help you. Keep in mind that playing bogey golf is a process and there's a lot of practice and time needed which can't be achieved over night. If you will put in the time and effort I'm 100% sure you'll succeed. Even if you will ever feel like you're not improving, keep practicing, results will come πŸ˜‰

You can also find some additional advice on how to break 90 - HERE in another article I wrote.

In the meantime let me know over email if you find my tips helpful.



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