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How do you find the right distance on a putt

How Do You Find The Right Distance On A Putt?

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Finding the right distance on a putt can be a little tricky, especially for beginner golfers.

When standing out in the fairway looking at a golf hole, you can use a laser rangefinder or GPS unit to give you an exact distance to the hole. However, when you make it to the putting green, it becomes a bit more difficult to know exactly how far you are and how this is going to impact the stroke you must take. I will show you a few ways you can ensure that you have the right distance on your putt.


Pace off the putt

The most common way that golfers find the right distance on a putt is by pacing off the hole. Standing at your putt, take an average stride and walk towards the hole. This will give you a general idea as to if you are working with a 15-footer or a 30-footer.

Some golfers are very methodical in their putting stroke, and this will help if you have an approximate putting stroke length that you take to hit the shot at certain distances. Pacing is not perfectly accurate, but it is good for the more scientific golfer.


Walk around the entire hole

For the player that is better with feel as opposed to numbers and science, walking around the entire hole is a great method to find the right distance. This is the method I have always preferred. So many players walk up to a green, head to their ball, and just make a putt.

When you walk to the hole and then back around to your ball, your brain will be calculating and analyzing the putt. You will be thinking about a break, slope, and overall distance and giving yourself a better feel for the putting green.

Walking around the hole only takes a few seconds, but it makes a big difference in your ability to manage the right distance on your putt. If you look at the professional golfers, they will never walk over to their putt, stand there, and swing at it; there is much more evaluation going on.


Practice more effectively

Part of finding the right distance on a putt is learning feel and distance control. When you are practicing on the putting green, measure out a 5, 10, 15, and 20 foot putt. Put a tee in the ground at each of these locations. As you work through your practice routine, make putts from each of these locations and notice the differences in your stroke.

Practicing putting distance will also help you improve your golf scores and avoid three-putts.



Learning how to know the right distance of a putt will take a bit of focus and concentration. Determine if you are more of a mechanical or scientific player or if feel is a better strategy for you. Practice on the putting green more effectively, and I guarantee this skill will come to you quite a bit easier than it has in the past.


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