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Does stretching improve golf

Does Stretching Improve Golf?

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If you listen to fitness and exercise specialists, they almost all agree that stretching improves golf. However, golfers can be skeptical about the importance of stretching and whether or not it actually makes a difference in their game. When looking to improve scoring and overall performance, it is crucial to consider all aspects of the game, including stretching and pre-golf round routines.


How Does Stretching Improve Golf?

Stretching improves golf in various ways, including increasing the range of motion in the swing and preventing injury on the course. If you are playing a lot of golf, stretching should be incorporated into your game. Beside improving your mobility and performance, it will also improve your well-being.


Stretching Increases Range of Motion

Golfers that stretch regularly can reach a different position in their swing. If you have always been a player that has struggled to get to parallel at the top of the swing, chances are you need to work on your range of motion, and stretching can help.

In addition, when you can reach these different positions in your swing, you will be closer to the proper golf plane. Swinging the club past parallel is unnecessary, but having great shoulder rotation and increased awareness of where the club is can only help a player succeed.


Stretching Decreases Chances of Injury

When golfers stretch, the chance of an injury is considerably lower. Just a few minutes of time a day spend stretching could take the chance of injury down almost completely. Body parts like your back, knees, shoulders, and hips should be stretched out regularly so you're flexible enough for golf.


Stretching Increases Swing Speed

Believe it or not, stretching can increase your swing speed. In order to swing the club fast, we need to feel unrestricted and increase the range of motion in the golf swing. Stretching makes you feel as though you can move through the ball at full speed without the risk of an injury.

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How Long Should Golfers Stretch Before A Round? 

Golfers should spend at least five minutes a day stretching to be able to play relaxed golf without any muscle issues.

But be cautious, there's a difference between daily stretching and pre-round stretching!!! People used to advocate a long stretch of 30 seconds in every position before a round of golf (some of them still do) which isn't optimal because you relax and stretch the muscle too much.

I asked a local Physiotherapist for an advice and she said that pre-round stretching can be beneficial, but it should be a dynamic stretch for muscle activation. This means you should hold every position just a few seconds to stretch the muscle, but not longer so it wouldn't relax to much (you need active muscle ready to pull the trigger😉)

A pre-golf warmup is the most important thing to do before playing a round of golf. If you have time, go and hit some balls on the range, if not, at least do a few warm-up exercises and a dynamic stretch.


Should Golfers Stretch On Days They Are Not Playing?

Golfers should stretch every morning. Even if you don’t plan to play golf or practice that day, make sure to spend some time stretching and ensuring that you are ready on the days you get to play.

One of the best things golfers and non golfers can do is add stretching to their morning wake up routine. First thing in the morning, you will likely be stiff from sleeping, and this routine and process will only help you feel better throughout your day. Yoga also helps if you're a yoga person 😉



Muscle stretching is very beneficial for golf. More flexible you are, more you can turn and get your swing in the right position to hit it well and far. If you're not a morning type of person, you can also stretch during the day or in the evening, but usually a morning stretch routine is the easiest to follow and it also helps you start the day feeling good.


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