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Why golf warmup is really important

5 Reasons Why Golf Warmup is Really Important

golf warm-up Sep 06, 2022

If you are one of those golfers running out to the first tee without leaving any time for warming up, you may want to reconsider. There are some really important benefits to warming up prior to a round of golf. Whether you are a new player or have been enjoying this game your entire life, here are some critical reasons why golf warmup is really important.


More Confidence On The First Tee

Standing on the first tee, knowing you have already made some great swings, is a great way to improve confidence. Instead of standing over the golf ball, feeling like anything can happen, you will have more confidence about connecting with the center of the fairway.

Confidence in your golf swing profoundly affects your overall performance and scoring for the day. More confident players have an easier time pulling off solid golf shots.


Prevention of Injury

Warming up before a round can help prevent injury. Unfortunately, golf injuries are pretty common among players that don’t warm up. When we swing a golf club, sometimes at more than 100 mph, we ask a lot from our bodies. If you haven’t stretched or warmed up, the chance of injury is quite high. HERE are for example some of the most common golf injuries.

golfer warming up and stretching before a round of golf


Establish Proper Tempo

Tempo is something that players often have a hard time staying consistent with. Hitting a few balls before you go out to play can establish the tempo on the range as opposed to waiting until you get to the golf course to develop this tempo.

Avoid having a few bad holes and go to the tee ready to play.


Look For Issues

Sometimes when you warm up before a round, you will find that you happen to be hitting a bid of a draw or a fade that day. This is common, and the best player in the game know how to work with what they brought to the course.

If you happen to be hitting your irons with a slight fade, simply play that, or correct it if you know how. Warming up before the round alerts you to these issues and makes them easier to fix.


Improve Scoring - Establish A Game Plan

Last but certainly not least, when you warm up before a round of golf, you can set a plan into place for the day. Golfers that develop a strategy before they take their first tee shot have a chance of shooing much lower scores. If you are going to pay to play and take the time out of your day to be on the course, it’s worth trying to play the best you can.



I hope you know now why golf warmup is really important. Warming up before a round of golf can save you strokes and a potential injury. These reasons are strong enough to build that ten to fifteen minutes into your day. The next time you hit your scoring goals, you will be glad you took the time and effort.


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