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How to prevent golf injuries

4 SIMPLE TIPS On How To Prevent Golf Injuries

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If you thought a rainy day put a damper on your golf game, an injury is a considerably worse issue to have to deal with. Injuries can not only be season-ending they can be career ending for a golfer. The best thing to do is to work to prevent a golf injury as opposed to having to deal with an injury after the fact. If you ask yourself how to prevent golf injuries, try to include a pre round warm up routine, stretching, taking a walk, and using the proper golf equipment. Let's dive in...


Pre Round Warm Up Routine

A pre round warm up routine should be a part of every player's game. These routines can be simple and involve a few stretches or swinging with a weighted club. Pre round warm up routines typically also allow for time to hit some driving balls before the start of your round.

Hitting a few wedge shots, then slowly warming up in the full swing, is a smart way to approach the pre round routine.

Take time to walk and stay on your feet, don’t sit on a bench and wait for your tee time. Keep your body moving, and the results will be considerably better when it’s your turn to take that first shot.



Stretching is something that golfers should be doing every day. Even if you don’t have a round of golf scheduled, take some stretches each day to loosen your back, neck, shoulders, and hips. These stretches will increase the range of motion in your golf swing.

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With the increased range of motion, it should be considerably easier to get to different positions with the club and have increased rotation. In addition, if you overdo it on a golf swing, chances are it won’t lead to an injury.


Walk Or Run To Warm Up

Running or especially walking is one of the best exercises for both golfers and non golfers. If you are looking for a way to warm up before a round, wake up early and take a nice walk or a light run. While you walk, you can work on some basic stretches of your arms and legs as well.

If you're not an athletic type of a person, try to at least walk, because walking is necessary for golfers as they tend to cover quite a bit of ground on the course. If you want to ensure you are ready for your next round, get good at walking!


Use The Proper Equipment

Although this may seem like an obvious way to prevent golf injury, some players forget how important this is. All golfers should be playing with equipment that works for their game. If your golf shaft is too stiff or heavy and it causes you to hit behind the ball or strain to get the club through impact, chances are you need a change.

I find that a custom golf fitting every now and then helps to ensure that my equipment is the best match for my skills. This does not mean you need to purchase new golf clubs; instead, simply make sure that all of the equipment is still the perfect fit.



I hope this article helped you with some tips on how to prevent golf injuries. Always remember that warming up before a round and implementing simple strategies into your daily life is well worth the time. A golf injury is extremely frustrating, and it's worth taking these steps to avoid it at all costs.


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