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What is a respectable golf score

What Is a Respectable Golf Score?

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A respectable golf score is one that you feel as though you hit some good golf shots and did not make a large amount of mistakes. This respectable golf score number will vary from one player to the next. Most golfers, however, will agree that bogey golf is considered a respectable golf score.


Respectable score for a bogey golfer

A player that plays bogey golf will shoot about a 90. These players often throw in a few pars or a birdie, and they will have mostly bogeys in their rounds.

To shoot this score, you must have the ability to get off the tee with consistency, hit some solid iron shots, and have a relatively strong short game. It takes time to get to this player level, but it still may not be low enough for you.


Respectable golf score for better players

Great golf scores are typically below 75, but for a golfer who has never broken 100 to start shooting close to 90, the score is considered very respectable.


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