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What creates power in golf swing?

What Creates Power In The Golf Swing? - TOP 3 things

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Power in the golf swing is something almost any golfer wants more of. After all, what is the sense of taking the swing if you are not confident the results will be good? What creates power in the golf swing?

The power in the golf swing can come from a few different areas, but creating lag, completing a shoulder turn, and encouraging better weight distribution will certainly help. Also don't forget to warm up before every round of golf, or you won't hit it as far as you could and will also get injured.


Shoulder Turn

The shoulder turn creates a tremendous amount of power in the golf swing. If you don’t correctly turn your shoulders, your swing will be built more on arm and hand motions. Our shoulders are a much more powerful muscle, and they should be incorporated into the swing to create power.



Lag happens when the golf club is left behind as your body starts to turn through your golf shot. The lag in the golf club is all that power and momentum that your golf swing has created. When you lag, you will generate a much higher ball speed and allow the club to do what it is designed to do.

The bigger the lag, the more power you can generate. As you can see, the lag is basically the angle between the club and the forearm in the backswing:

create lag for powerfull golf swing


Weight Distribution

The weight distribution is another important factor when trying to create power in the golf swing. Start with the weight slightly on the right side; as you swing back, the right side is loaded up with even more of your weight, and as you move through the impact position, weight transfers to the left. If you watch all of the great players, their weight is moving towards the left side at impact.

! Important ! - don't transfer the weight with your head, but with lower body. Your head should be centered the whole time for a good golf swing!

You can see here how Rory McIlroy transfers his weight: 



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