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Should you lay up on a par 5 golf hole?

Should You Lay Up On Par 5?

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Here's another short article that answers directly to your question:"Should I lay up on par 5?". Laying up on a par 5 is a risk-reward type decision that can make or break your score. So should you lay up?


Suppose there is no trouble near the golf hole, then it may make sense to take everything you have and go for the pin. However, most of the time, there is some type of trouble keeping players from going for the pin so you should know when and how to play a layup.


So should you lay up on a par 5?

If you' have a shot that you can hit 200 yards or more that you feel confident about, going for the green in two makes quite a bit of sense. It doesn't matter if you have a par 5 or a long par 4, especially if the green isn't surrounded with water or OB. If there's a long and very risky par 3, you should even consider laying up on a par 3.

If you decide to layup on a par 5, make sure you leave yourself a distance you are comfortable with that does not require a unique shot or something you don’t have exact yardage for.


Most amateur golfers will layup on a par 5, but if you hit a great tee shot and have an opportunity, take it! And don't forget to turn off your ego. It doesn't matter if you lay up. Usually a layup strategy is better than a risky one, so if your friend mocks you, wait until the end of the hole and then compare the result 😉


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