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How to improve par 5 score

How Can I Improve My Par 5 Score?

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A par 5 is a tremendous scoring opportunity, but you must take care of it from the start. If you're wondering how to improve par 5 score, you will need to work on the strategy from the tee box.


Drive In The Fairway

The first part of this process is to get your drive in the fairway. If your drive ends up in the fairway, chances are you will have an easier time deciding what is next. When your golf shot is in the fairway, you have an opportunity to go for the green in two or to perfectly plan your layup.

When you miss the fairway, the chances of shooting quite as low on a par 5 are quite a bit harder.


Layup To The Proper Position

So many golfers try to hit their second shot on a par 5 as far as they possibly can. This is not a great strategy because the next shot you hit into the hole could be at awkward yardage.

Maybe you struggle with a 70 yard shot or a 50 yard shot; you will want to leave yourself a shot that makes sense and is easier for you to be consistent with. If your favorite yardage is 80, do the math and place a nice layup to leave yourself 80 yards into the hole.


Get Aggressive

It’s essential to be as aggressive as possible on a par 5 if you are in a good position. If nothing is stopping you from going for the green in two, make sure that you take full advantage and swing away.

Play some par 5’s for birdies and eagles, and others play for par. You have to learn the best way to approach these holes and the way the greens and slope can help you get as close as possible with a chance for a birdie or better.



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