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How do you play layup in golf

How Do You Lay Up In Golf?

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Laying up in golf is a very smart way to play a hole surrounded by trouble. But how do you lay up in golf?


You need accurate yardage for a good layup

When laying up in golf, the first thing you will need to do is get accurate yardage. The yardage to the pin is important, but you want to leave yourself yardage you are comfortable with. There's no difference if you layup on a par 5 or if you're laying up on a par 4 out of trouble or if it's a really long par 4


Distance of the layup shot

Too many times, golfers try to hit the furthest shot in their bag, and they end up with a 50 or 60 yard shot into the hole. These shots can be hard to control the distance, and it doesn’t make sense to leave yourself in this position.

Get great yardage, and then work backward to choose a club you are comfortable with. Take a look at this area of the golf course and make sure there are no bunkers or water hazards in the layup area.


Layup swing

Don't get lazy with a layup swing. Pick a specific target and hit it at that target as if you are playing a par 3 and going for the pin. I personally like to use a 3/4 layup swing so I have the most control over it. These tips should help you hit a more controlled and effective layup shot; these are not shots you want to waste.



As mentioned above, if you want to know how to lay up in golf, you need to have a golf strategy so all your decisions make sense and are preventing unnecessary errors. Also make sure that you commit to the layup shot 100 percent, because a layup shot can go wrong as well. If you're playing a layup, you're playing it for a reason, and that's the best position for your next shot. Do your best!😉


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