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What is a layup golf shot

What Is A Layup Shot In Golf?

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Have you ever heard of a layup golf shot? Do you know what a layup is?


What is a layup shot?

A layup shot in golf is where you decide not to hit a golf ball all the way to the green and instead stop it well before the green. This is very common on a par 5, where the ability to hit the green in two is quite difficult. Golfers will lay up to their comfortable yardage and then hit their shot from there.

Whenever possible, calculate the yardage of your layup and make sure that you are leaving yourself in a spot that you are comfortable with. This often improves the score on all the holes, but especially on a par 5


Why and when play a layup shot?

Playing a layup shot is considered smart. You should know when you can take a risk and attack the green and when to layup. Beside the weather conditions and course difficulty you need to know what you're capable of and at what distance.

I almost always layup if I have more than 220 yards to the green and if it's surrounded by a water. Or if the ball's in the rough I would layup from anything that's more than 200 yards away.



Although this article is a short one, I hope I answered your question about what is a layup shot in golf. I will cover more about layup shots in the next articles so stick around!😉


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