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Is bogey golfer a good golfer

Is Bogey Golfer a Good Golfer?

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One of the most common questions in golf is:"How low you need to shoot to be a good golfer?" Is bogey golfer a good golfer? Well, a bogey golfer is a good golfer, as most players are not able to break 100, but a bogey golfer can.


Playing bogey golf

Playing bogey golf is really respectable and usually only means one shot on a hole is not ideal. Many bogey golfers reach greens in regulation and then three putt.

Other times a bogey golfer may put their drive in the rough and then have to layup as they can’t get to the green in regulation. However, bogey golfers also make pars and the occasional birdie. Any new player that works their way to a bogey golfer will likely have a long future in the game.


Becoming mid-handicap as a bogey golfer

Bogey golfers can easily become mid-handicap players if they focus on hitting more greens in regulation and avoiding all three putts. The main goal should be consistency. If you want to play bogey golf, the first goal should be hitting fairways. If you hit enough fairways, you can place your second shot on the green or at least near the green for an easy up and down.

Secondly, the very important part is definitely short game. Practice short game and you'll be able to save pars or even bogeys from difficult lies.


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