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How to get better at golf without lessons

How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons

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When golfers go for a golf lesson, they are typically looking for a few things. The first is an identification of the problem in the golf game, and the second is a solution. If you are looking at how to get better at golf without lessons, I have all the strategies you will need. Golf lessons are helpful, but they aren’t always affordable.


Get A Video Of Your Swing

One of the most difficult things about the golf swing is that we can’t see what we are doing. If you want to get better, you first must be able to identify what is wrong. Have a friend take a video of your golf swing.

woman filming a golf swing for getting better without lessons

You should take two videos, one from down the line and the other face on. Once you have these videos, watch them in slow motion and see if anything stands out to you. Then find a video of a golf professional of similar stature to you.

Play the golf professionals swing videos frame by frame and look at their technique. Look at things like the movement of the head, hands, arms, feet, and hips. Try to think about the swing plane and see if the club is above or below the plane.


Develop A Practice Strategy

Once you have determined the issues with your golf swing, pick one area of the game that you want to work on first and start practice. Let’s say you find that you are sliding through impact as opposed to making an efficient turn.

Do a quick search for drills and videos that can help fix this issue. Some of these drills will require a training aid, and those can be worth investing in at times.

Remember that when you first start making changes in your golf swing, the results can be ugly for a bit. It takes time to perfect these new moves and start to feel confident. Proactive your changes on the driving range, don’t try and make these adjustments on the course.


Revaluate/Look For Progress

Once you have practiced your new swing changes and feel confident in them, it’s time to take a video of your swing and look for progress. Progress can happen quickly, but you want to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Take another video of your swing and try to ensure the angles and club selection are the same as the first videos that you took. Once you have this, compare the original video side by side with the progress video.

These are the steps that golf professionals use to evaluate your progress. Golf lessons are great for identifying the problem, but in the end, you as the player have to do the work to make the corrections.

 golfer at practice session on driving range


Look in the mirror and swing

Another great example is to look yourself in the mirror and try to improve the swing while looking at it. This will help you connect your body and your mind. Try to improve what you see that's wrong on the video and swing multiple times to see how you can improve. Then try to swing a few times with the same feeling but without looking at yourself. After that repeat the process many times so you will feel the change in the swing without looking in the mirror.


Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

Golf lessons can be well worth the money because they help identify swing flaws quickly and give you a strategy to get started fixing them ASAP. The process of becoming better can happen faster with the help of qualified golf professionals. However, golf lessons do come at a cost, and if you can learn to evaluate issues in your own golf game, the lessons may not be necessary.

Remember, there is more than one way to swing a golf club and to become a great player. The process of getting your game to the next level is what makes golf so much fun.

What about getting better without practice?

First thing that should come to your mind is golf strategy and golf course management. You probably didn't know that you can get better at golf with just having proper strategy, choosing the right club and making the right decisions at the right time? 

Read more about golf strategy and learn how you can save shots with proper golf course management without visiting a local pro or even a driving range.


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