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How often should a beginner golfer practice

How Often Should A Beginner Golfer Practice?

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When you first start playing the game of golf, it can get overwhelming. In addition to finding time to play on the course, you will be encouraged to practice as well. Some players are naturally driven and will work on their game every day; others have to set up a routine or a schedule to make sure they get practice in. If you are wondering how often should a beginner golfer practice, keep reading to find out.


How many days a week should a beginner golfer practice?

Beginner golfers should aim to practice about three days per week. These sessions do not need to be long; they can simply be a ½ hour of working on chipping or putting. The amount of time that you practice will directly correlate to how much better you get at golf.



What should beginner golfers work on?

Beginner golfers tend to head to the driving range and hit shots over and over again. Although this can be helpful if you have the right advice and equipment, there are other areas of your game that will need work.


Full Swing

When working on the full swing, don’t hit with just the driver. Hit more shots with a 7 iron than anything else as this is a very neutral and fair club to hit that will help you progress as a player.


Short Game

I can't stress enough about short game practice! The chipping is going to make or break your success as a new golfer. Spend time hitting both high and low shots and using the sand wedge, lob wedge, and pitching wedge to do so. Around the greens, you will have plenty of tools available to help you score if you put the time in on your short game.



Putting is the quickest way to lower your golf scores, and it can easily be done even at home. Practicing putting will allow you to work on both the stroke as well as the distance control of your putts. If you can start two putting every green as a beginner, your handicap will drop quickly.


Rules and Golf Knowledge

Most beginner golfers neglect to practice the rules and the terminology needed to be great at this sport. Each week try to read a few rules and brush up on facts. This will help ensure that you are ready when you start playing more rounds of golf with friends and family. You can trust me on this one; it's embarrassing not to know the rules.


Is there such thing as too much practice for golfers?

Can you practice too much? If you are a beginner golfer and feeling burnt out by the practice that you are doing, stop for a few days. Sometimes our bodies and our brains need the time to take a break from the game and regroup. Taking time off for your body to recover will not set you behind in your quest to become a great player.



Hopefully, you can now see that as a beginner golfer, it makes sense to practice about 3 times per week. At this pace, your scores will drop lower at a faster pace, and you can be well on your way to becoming a mid handicapper. I highly recommend taking a few days off here and there to ensure your body has time to heal from all the practice you are doing.

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