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How do you score more pars in golf

How Do You Score More Pars?

golf tips Aug 26, 2022

There are three really simple ways to score more pars. Let's see how do you score more pars and why you should learn how to do it. It might happen that you even sneak a few birdies into your next round of golf. If you're an intermediate golfer I bet you know these already, but for a beginner it can be pretty helpfull 😉


Hit The Fairway

Hitting the fairway gives you the best chance at par. This is because you will not have to hit a shot out of a hazard or trouble. Your ball will be in the short grass, you should be able to get spin on your shots, and you can hit any club you would like from the lie you have.


Green In Regulation

Once you hit the fairway from the tee, the easiest way to make par is to also hit the green. A green in regulation means that you have now set yourself up to make a simple two putt to part the hole. To hit more greens in regulation, you may want to consider some type of distance measuring device or GPS. These tools can give you the yardages you need to ensure you choose the right golf club.


Learn How To One Putt

As a golfer that is also human, you will not hit every green. However, if you can one putt, you may still be able to save par. One putting takes some time and practice, but it will help if you miss the green slightly and need to chip on. Once you are a pro at one putting, there should be no trouble making this par saves. Here's another article about how you can: practice putting at home.

Keep in mind that a one-putt also depends on the chip quality so make sure to practice chipping as well so you can make many up and downs...



Keeping things simple and trying to focus on the basics will help you make more pars. These stats are also straightforward to track, so golfers can know exactly what it is that is causing them to miss making a par.


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