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How many greens do you need to hit to break 80

How Many Greens Do You Need To Hit To Break 80?

golf related Aug 24, 2022

Golfers can hit no greens and break 80, but it’s really tough. To break 80, you should aim to hit at least 10 greens.


Why you should hit 10 greens to break 80?

If you hit these 10 greens and you par these holes, and then you miss the other 8 and can manage to get up and down just one time, your score would likely be around 79.

One of the best ways to be able to break 80 is to have at least one or maybe even two birdies in the course of a round. If you can get that one birdie, it will erase a bogey and make it considerably easier to shoot the numbers you want.


How many players break 80?

Did you know that only around 2% of all the worldwide golfers break 80? That's quite low, don't you think?

HERE's the article I wrote about breaking 80 😉


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