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What Should A Beginner Golfer Focus On In Driving?

What Should A Beginner Golfer Focus On In Driving?

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The game of golf is one of the hardest to learn. Regardless of how athletic you are, golf strategy takes time, dedication, and patience. If you are a beginner, driving the ball is probably one of the most stressful parts of learning the game. However, it does not have to be. Let’s take a look at some of our best golf driving tips for beginners.


5 Simple Tips For Beginners And Their Drives

Sometimes for beginner golfers, a few tips can make a big difference in driving the golf ball. As a beginner golfer, there is typically lots of room for improvement. Here are our top tips to get better faster.


You Have More Than Just A Driver

The driver is not the only club you can use from the tee box. Depending on the hole, I will use a fairway wood, hybrid, or even a long iron. The driver is important, and you must know how to hit it, but there are other clubs in the bag that you can use.


Learn To Release The Club

Most beginner golfers slice their drivers. The slice is a result of the clubface being open at impact. As you swing the golf club through impact, the clubface has to move from open to square to closed.

Swing in slow motion and see if you are squaring the club face up at impact; if the clubface is open, your distance and accuracy will be impacted. It's easy to release a pitching wedge; switching between pitching wedge and driver on the range is a good way to practice and get the feeling with the driver in your hand.


Set For Higher Loft

This is one of the best and most simple driving tips for beginners!

If you have an adjustable driver, increase the loft. A higher lofted driver is more forgiving and will help you get the distance and accuracy that you need. Setting up for a higher loft will only make it easier for you to hit the fairway.

As your game improves, start to lower the loft and see if you can still hit it straight. Changing the loft by a degree or two will not make it difficult to get the distance. For beginners, accuracy is just as important as distance.


Aim Is Just As Important As The Swing

Aiming seems simple, but it is not. Golfers that are new to the game sometimes struggle with aim. Aim is just another area of the game that players must practice.

Golf alignment sticks are a great way to work on your aim. When you practice, put golf alignment sticks on the ground so you can see where you are aiming and where the ball ends up. Always approach a golf shot from behind the ball and use the line on the golf ball to point down the fairway. Keep your feet square and check the alignment of your shoulders and hips.


Tee It High and Let It Fly

Don’t be afraid to tee the ball high. Hal of the golf ball can be above the top of the driver when you set up to hit. So many beginner golfers tee the ball too low. When hitting shots with a driver, you will make contact on the upswing.

Teeing the ball high gives you a better chance of the proper ball flight, increased distance, and impressive overall results.


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