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Best driving tips for beginners and beginner golfers

Best Driving Tips For Beginners - My TOP 9 Tips

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One of the biggest issues that beginners deal with is learning to drive the ball straight and have it end up in the fairway.  There are, however, driving tips for beginners to have more success from the tee box; here are a few of the most important.


9 Driving Tips For Beginners

The driver is the longest golf club in the bag, and that will make it considerably more difficult to control. Although hitting driver can be tough for a beginner golfer, I have some very good driving tips for you.


Adjust Your Driver Accordingly

Most golf drivers are made with adjustable technology. This means you can change the loft and the face to match your swing. Most beginners will slice the ball, and finding a driver you can set is very helpful.

Most golf drivers that are adjustable have an online fitting guide that lets you see how your adjustments will impact the flight and overall performance of your golf ball. Learn what works for you, and don't be afraid to experiment with different adjustments to your driver.


Tee It High

This is one of the easiest driving tips for beginners. So many beginners are afraid to tee the golf ball high. Teeing the ball high makes it much easier to get the proper ball flight and, ultimately, more control over your golf shots. In addition, if you do not tee the ball high enough, it's nearly impossible to hit the sweet spot on the driver.

When hitting a driver, you must strike the ball on the upswing in the center of the clubface or even a little higher off the center.  And to do that, the tee height is paramount. If you struggle to know exactly how high to tee the ball, simply use a marked tee that offers different height options.

In addition, play around with this concept on the driving range so you can become more confident about tee height.


Good Course Management and Strategy

Beginner golfers should understand that golf course management and strategy will also come into the driving process. It's not always enough to stand on a tee box and simply swing away at the driver.

Golfers should be considering the total length of the hole, any trouble on the hole, where the next shot is best played from, and more. Developing more awareness while standing on the tee box and looking down the fairway is a very important part of this process.

In addition, if you learn that you have a slight slice or a small hook, learn to prepare for this miss. Sometimes aiming just down the left side of a fairway and letting the ball fade back in can be a great strategy.


Finish Your Golf Swing

Remember that the golf ball is in the middle of your swing. To ensure that you have proper ball flight, clubface angle, and swing speed, you must swing through the golf shot and finish your swing. Finishing your swing means getting the club up high and all of your weight onto your forward foot.

When you finish your golf swing, you will be giving yourself a much higher chance of getting the drive that you want.

Many golfers are afraid of where their driver will go, and their tension makes them stop at the ball. This is a tremendous waste of your natural ability and talent and makes it difficult to see the results you need from your driver.


Driver Isn't Always The Best Choice

A golf driver isn't always the best choice off the tee. This concept plays a bit in the course management and course strategy concept.

Start thinking about the total length of the hole and the need to hit the driver off the tee. Plenty of golf holes can benefit from a bit more accuracy and a little less distance. This means you can hit a 3-wood, 5-wood or a hybrid from the tee and still have really great results.

The driver is, without a doubt, the golf club that goes the furthest, but it is not always the smartest club selection.

driving tips is also to choose fairway woods instead of driver


Watch Your Tempo

We all want our golf drives to travel a long distance. However, there is really no reason to try and kill the ball. Tempo is essential when you want to hit great shots, and if you are smart about your golf swing tempo, you will actually hit the ball further.

The way I like to think about this is to swing within yourself. What good does it do to be falling over when finishing your swing? Nothing!

Start with a slightly slower takeaway on your driver; if you feel the need to pause at the top of your swing, that is completely acceptable. The golf driver is a long club that is lightweight and designed to go far. However, you don't need to abnormally increase your speeds to hit a great golf shot.


Ensure Stability and Balance

It is essential for beginners to learn to stay balanced in their golf swing. Balance can take a bit of time to develop, and you may struggle with it initially. There are times that the golf swing can feel like it is so many steps, and putting all those pieces together makes you forget about balance and stability.

To get better balance, you must have good technique and tempo. However, players are also going to need to be in good physical condition. There are many different golf workouts designed to help improve stability and balance.

In addition, you can start improving your overall strength to gain that extra stability in your swing.


Check Ball Position

The ball position with your driver should be towards the front of your stance. If you keep your golf ball further back in the stance, you may hit your drive on the downswing as opposed to the upswing.

Ball position is really important, and for most players, the best spot is just off the heel of the front foot. When you check ball position, also keep an eye on the width of the stance.

For the reference, HERE you can also see how it should look from the top view with your irons.


Get A Fitting

A golf club fitting can ensure that you are playing with the proper golf club. With so many golf equipment choices and shafts for players to choose from, a golf club fitting can be very beneficial. Get a golf fitting and let them know what your goals are, and they will match you with a perfect golf driver.



As you can see, not all of the driving tips for beginners are related to the swing itself. There is so much more involved than just swinging the club properly; players will have to also consider strategy and course management. If you are serious about becoming a great player, getting this strategy down from the start, you can become a really great golfer.



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