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what handicap is a bogey golfer

What Handicap Is a Bogey Golfer?

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A bogey golfer is around an 18 handicap. These golfers are just on the high end of the mid handicap range and are typically able to make a bogey on every hole. Most bogey golfers realistically make a few pars and a few double bogeys in the course of their round.


How bogey golfer play

Is bogey golfer a good golfer? Bogey golfers are often players that struggle with one aspect of their game that causes them not to be a mid to low handicapper. This can be something like slicing a drive off the tee or skulling chips around the green etc.

Because handicap is also calculated based on the golf course difficulty, a 18 handicap golfer can play more than a bogey golf if the golf course is difficult (has a higher slope) or less than bogey golf if the golf course is easier to play.



In the end, being a bogey golfer is better than the majority of golfers in the game, even though some days when you make a few double bogeys, it won’t feel that way!



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