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Should you chip with a 60 degree wedge?

Should You Chip With A 60 Degree Wedge?

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A 60 degree wedge can be a great club to chip with, as golfers should learn how to play all their wedges from various locations. When using the 60 degree wedge, expect to get quite a bit more height on your golf shots, but don’t plan for much roll. With the 60 degree wedge, you can also get a good amount of spin.

When hitting out of the rough, with not much green to work with, you may want to consider using a 60 degree wedge. The club will allow for more control, even in those situations where the ball typically takes off once it hits the green.

While you are learning to use your 60 degree wedge around the green, you may as well learn to hit it from the bunker as well. Bunker shots with the 60 degree wedge are highly effective when you have short sided yourself; in fact, it’s where I use my 60 degree wedge the most.

A 60 degree wedge maybe isn't the easiest club to chip with, but it's certainly a club to chip with from different locations where you need more height.


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