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What is the easiest club to chip with

What Is The Easiest Club To Chip With?

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The easiest club to chip with is the pitching wedge. However, in order to chip well with the pitching wedge, you must know what it does when it hits the ground and how the ball is going to respond. The pitching wedge won’t spin the same way a lob wedge or sand wedge will, which is fine if you are prepared for it.

The great thing about chipping with a pitching wedge is that it is a very forgiving golf club. You can make a slight motion, and the golf ball will respond appropriately without a high chance of a skulled or fat golf shot.

Another reason golfers find the pitching wedge to be easier to work with is that it typically looks like the rest of the irons in your set. If your pitching wedge matches, you will have some consistency in the feel and know how the ball will respond when it comes off the club face.


Difference between the easiest and most common club for chipping

Maybe you're chipping with your sand wedge and you're wondering how pitch wedge is the easiest? You're correct, the most common chipping club is sand wedge because of its loft, bounce and chip distances. BUT this doesn't mean that it's the easiest. If you have enough room on the green to chip with your pitching wedge, or even with your 9 iron, try it and you'll see how your chipping accuracy will improve πŸ˜‰


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