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How to become a better golfer in 30 days

How To Become a Better Golfer In 30 days - 7 TIPS

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Becoming a better golfer in 30 days is, without a doubt, a possibility. There are some important steps to follow that can help you get here quickly. Don’t feel like you need to attempt all of these tricks and tips at once, but instead, work your way down the list and see which are the most effective for your golf game.


Start Using Alignment Sticks When You Practice

Alignment sticks help to ensure your golf stance, alignment, and accuracy are where they should be. Using these alignment sticks when you practice will only help you improve on the golf course and become a better player.


Choose A Swing Thought

The best golfers have one or two swing thoughts maximum. If you really want to get better, don’t go overboard, choosing a bunch of different swing thoughts. This is really inefficient, and nothing positive will happen on the course.


Set A Goal

Set a goal that is realistic. For instance, plan to not make three putts or to have at least one par on the front nine and back nine. Having these goals in place will help you focus on what you need to do and ensure you get there as quickly as possible.


Read A Book About The Mental Game

Reading about the mental game is a very good way to get better at golf. Having confidence while learning to make good decisions on the golf course is a great combination. The players that know how to control their minds almost always shoot lower scores. Here are my TOP 4 books about golf strategy and golf mental game.


Incorporate One Extra Range Session Each Week

Incorporating at least a half hour of extra practice per week will certainly lower your scores. Be smart about your golf range sessions and ensure that they are smart practice and not just a workout. Practice often and always aim your shots and have clear swing thoughts.


Go To A Custom Golf Fitting

A golf club fitting will help you determine which golf clubs are the best for your game. In addition, they can help with making tweaks to your current equipment to ensure it is the proper fit for you as a player. You don’t have to buy all new clubs to have equipment that is well suited for your game.


Watch Professional Golfers

Although it may sound cliche watching professional golfers will only help you become better. These professional golfers know what they are doing, and their mannerisms and strategies can be beneficial to any golfer.


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