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How do you hit more greens from 100 yards

How Do You Hit The Green From 100 Yards?

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This is a short, but very helpful article... I see amateur golfers having issues with hitting the greens, even if they're 100 yards away or less. So how do you hit the green from 100 yards?


1. Work on your tee shots, hit more fairways

  1. First of all it's good to hit the fairway. Hitting your approach shots from the fairway is much easier to control and you'll definitely hit more greens from 100 yards this way...


2. Distance, distance, distance

Secondly, you need to choose the best distance! I would advise you to aim more towards the middle of the green and then fully concentrate on the DISTANCE. If you have the correct distance, you can be 5 or even more yards left or right of the hole and you're still on the green!

Read more HERE if you'd like to find out what's the average distance for every golf club based on the handicap.


3. Learn different approach shots

And thirdly, hitting the green from 100 yards will require the ability to hit several different types of shots.  You need to play smarter. Golfers that try to hit one full swing club from 100 yards may struggle with this shot. Instead, try to have three different 100 yards shots in your bag.

One should be high and require more of a full swing when you have an obstacle in front of you. Next, you should have something slightly lower that is a bit more controlled for windy conditions, and finally, a shot with a little shorter swing, for example a 3/4 swing that you can control the most. This is the money shot.


Creating some variety in the type of shots you hit will only help to increase the number of times you can hit the ball on the green and leave you with a wider range of shots for any condition on the golf course.  But as I said, aim more towards the middle of the green and make sure you hit the right distance and I'm certain you will hit more greens immediately!


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