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Golf course management tips for left handed golfers

Golf Strategy And Course Management Tips For Left Handers

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Although you may not think of it this way, left-handed golfers have to view the golf course in an entirely different way. Here are a few of the best course management tips for left handers that are trying to lower their scores on the course.


Course Management Tips For Left Handed Golfers

As a left-handed player, the view of the course is different, and it makes golf strategy and course management considerably more difficult. Although the course plays the same, you need to place the ball in the same position and still aim for the same hole, the tactics can change a lot. This is because of the shape of the shot, different good and bad miss for a left handed player, maybe more putts that break away from you and so on...

By the way, did you know that there are approximately 12% left handed golfers worldwide? That's quite impressive number.


Left Is The More Common Miss

Left-handed golfers tend to miss the ball to the left more often than right-handed golfers. If your tendency is to have the ball fade a bit to the left, it makes sense to play for this. Aim down the right center of the fairway and leave room for a bit of movement on your golf ball.

You will want to pay close attention to landing areas so that you can capitalize on scoring.


Pay Attention To Where You Tee It

It's very important to tee the golf ball on the proper side of the tee box. Not all holes are best played by teeing the ball directly in the center of the tee box. Instead, be smart about putting it on the left or right side of the tee box to play the angle of the hole and your typical ball flight.

left handed golfer tees off according to his strategy

For left-handed golfers, tee boxes can sometimes feel as though they are not set up right, or they have too much slope one way. Be smart about where you tee it so that you can benefit from it.


Remember Golf Course Design

Golf courses are designed for right-handed golfers. Although we would like to say that golf courses are designed for all players, it is certainly the right-handed player that is kept in mind during the design process.

Be smart about golf course design and think about how a right-handed golfer would play this hole. Once you have that down, adjust your strategy to match it for a left-handed player. The good news is that many areas of the course where a right-handed payer can get in trouble will likely leave you sitting in a great position.


Watch Professionals Play

Professional left-handed golfers can help you learn quite a bit about golf strategy and why golf course management is so important. As a left-handed player, you need to consider that these players are up against the same obstacles that you are; pay close attention to how they deal with them.


Break Doesn't Change

When a right-handed golfer has a right-to-left putt, the putt is still going to break the same way for a left-handed golfer! As different as golf strategy and golf course management can be for lefty and righty golfers; there is enough of an overlap in the short game to encourage players to learn from each other.

Watch what right-handed golfers do on the green and make the adjustments to your game. If you often three-putt you need to definitely check these tips to eliminate three putts.



Golf strategy and golf course management tips for left handers do not need to be more complicated or challenging than it is for right-handed players. Be smart about the decisions you make on the golf course, and be a bit more aware when teeing up and putting. These simple tips can take you a long way in your golf career.


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