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22 quick golf putting secrets

22 Quick Golf Putting Secrets

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Golf putting is the most important skill in the game. Putting can be the difference between shooting a 105 and a 99 or an 81 and a 78. There are many quick golf putting secrets, and sometimes all it takes is one to help change the way you perform on the putting green. Here are 22 quick golf putting secrets that I guarantee will work for players of all ages and skill levels.


Aim from behind

It’s very hard to aim a putt while standing over the ball. Aim from behind for a more effective and accurate line.


Use the alignment aid on the club

All putters have some type of alignment technology. For some, it is a small line others will have several lines or a track; use this to help you guide the ball to the hole.


Putts break away from the mountains

As a general rule of thumb, when you play mountain courses, the putts will break away from the mountains.


Putts break towards the water

If you play ocean golf courses, expect the putt to break a bit more heavily towards the water. This has to do with the slope on the greens as well.


Pay attention to "the leave"

If you want to eliminate three-putts, start working on your lag putts and making sure you don’t leave yourself four or five footers coming back.


Get a proper grip

Putting grips come in all different sizes and styles; find one that suits your specific needs as a player and be confident about it.


Posture matters

It is important to stand upright and tall and be balanced as you are putting; make sure you get your eyes over the ball.


Learn to read the greens

Knowing how a putt will break is just as important as learning to stroke the ball properly. Practice reading greens and incorporating the way a putt breaks with the speed that you must putt it.

golf putting secret - learn how to read the greens


Pay attention to ball position

Pay attention to where the ball is in your golf stance; many golfers have it too far forward or back, and the middle is a good position.


Get the stance narrow

A narrow stance will help with stability and control when putting; it also makes it easier to putt in the wind.


Forward press the hands

A slight forward press of the hands ensures that your impact position is more consistent, and the putt does not get too much loft.


Keep your head down, listen for the ball

Never look up too soon to see if the ball made it to the hole; always wait until you hear the ball drop into the hole before you pick your head up.


Heavier putters can help with control

Don’t be afraid to add weight to the putter if you lack control and feel on the greens.


Stay below the hole on fast greens

When greens are running really fast, don’t set yourself up with a downhill putt.


Keep putter head low to the ground

Keeping the putter head low to the ground will make it more stable and ensure that your stroke stays more square.


Use your larger muscles - one of the best putting secrets / tips

Wrists and hands should stay out of the putting stroke; use your shoulders and forearms to bring the club back and through. Wrists are the putting killer, remember that!


Control your backstroke

For shorter putts keep the backstroke short and compact.

For longer putts make sure the backstroke isn't too short because you can hit the ball too hard and you can't control the length of the putt this way.


Always accelerate through the ball

Accelerating through the ball in a putting stroke will greatly increase the chance of the ball making it to the hole.


Stay still

In putting, the fewer moving parts, the better. Stay still and move only what needs to be moved.


Learn from other golfers in the group

Watch the break and the speed that other players are experiencing on the green; use this when you putt to ensure you make your putt. It's not exactly a putting secret but make sure you don't stand behind the golfer or at the opposite site of the putt at the time of the impact, but you can step behind him after he made a contact with the ball...


Practice efficiently

Practice with a purpose, and use training aids and drills so that you can bring them on the course with you.


Play with the right golf ball

The golf ball you play with will change the way that the putt feels. Play with a golf ball that gives you the feedback you need to succeed.



Although there are a lot of putting tips and secrets written above make sure you adjust these tips to your putting style. For example not everyone loves the heavier feel on the putter head, but many golfers will putt better with it. Consider what you find useful and improve your putting one putt at a time 😉

Also adjust the approach strategy based on the green break, make sure you try to leave an uphill putt to avoid a three putt.


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