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Learning to play golf at 60

Learning To Play Golf At 60

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Is it possible to learn to play golf at 60 years of age? Many golfers wonder if golf is a good game in retirement or if it should be saved for younger people. The good news is that golf can be a perfect retirement activity, and I have personally taught many 60-year-old players to enjoy the game. Here are some of the best tips for learning to play golf at 60.


Take lessons if you want to learn to play golf at 60!

I can’t stress this part enough; as a 60-year-old beginner, it is smart to take some golf lessons. Chances are your friends and family all play the game, and you will get lots of good and bad advice from them. Take lessons with a professional and notice the difference in the information and your ability to absorb it.

The local pro will also show you the fundamentals of the golf swing and you'll be able to learn the optimal swing from scratch and not repeat the mistakes your friends do. He can also help you adjust the swing technique according to any physical limitations and mobility issues if you have any...


Play from the proper tee box

Starting golf at 60 years old means that you will probably be playing from a tee box that is slightly forward of the main tee box. This is exactly what these tee boxes are there for, and it is not cheating to play the ball forward.

If you can’t reach an average par 4 in two good shots, chances are your tee box is too far back. Of course practice makes perfect and with some practice you can hit the ball better and further so make sure you practice the most important golf shots.


It’s not about score at first

So many golfers focus on the score they are making on a golf hole. If you are learning to play golf at 60 there is really no reason to worry about the score. For many rounds, I suggest focusing on hitting good golf shots. Try to have at least one or two really good swings per hole. Once you have this in place and more great shots happen, it’s safe to incorporate scoring.

I assume you will start playing golf because of the pleasure being in nature, surrounded with friends, family, making new friends so the score comes second.


Make it part of your routine

Learning something new takes time and patience. As a 60-year-old new golfer, you must make learning the game part of your routine. Try to practice golf at least a few times per week. Make sure that you don’t get stuck only on the driving range; mixing time on the course with time on the range is the best overall combination.



Learning to play golf at 60 is entirely possible and something I have helped many players accomplish. The issue, of course, is that you will have to make a time commitment and go through a bit of frustration before your scores are where you want them.

Many of your friends and family may have a head start when it comes to learning the game, but do not let this discourage you. It can take years to get good at golf, but the journey along the way is incredibly fun and exciting.


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