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It is ok to play golf every day

Is it OK to Play Golf Every Day?

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Is it ok to play golf every day? Short answer is: Yes, it is okay to play golf every day! There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. But that statement is not without a few caveats. Playing golf every day is a slippery slope and does not always lead to improvement.

In fact, many people who have attempted to play 365 days a year will tell you it was harmful to their game in more ways than one. If your goal is to play as many holes as possible throughout the year, go ahead. But if you want to improve as a golfer, forced breaks will be necessary.

For example a man in the UK played consecutive 365 days and reported that his hcp increased from 5 to 16.


Are you practicing?

We’re not even talking about the game. We’re talking about practice. If you walk from parking lot to the first tee every time you get to the course, that’s not great. Especially if it's like this almost every day.

You cannot work through issues you’ve identified playing golf by playing more golf. You need to spend time on the driving range, putting green, practice bunkers, and other chipping areas. Also don't forget to learn and adjust to play strategic.

If your goal is to keep making the same mistakes, you’re welcome to do that. If you spend time practicing instead of playing, you’ll correct mistakes you see regularly and improve.


Knowing when to take a break

When your game is damaged beyond repair, the answer is not to play more, but play less. Your bad habits are taking over anything good about the way you play. You’re frustrated. You’re fighting it on every shot.

We’ve all had bouts like this and tried to play every day to get through it. The opposite response deserves some attention instead.

By taking a week or two break, you reset mentally. Some people will even forget what was frustrating them so much in the first place.

Because of the short break, you’ll see improvement and face the game with a refreshed mindset.

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Use bad weather as a forced break

If you are playing golf every day, you do not need to force yourself to play in bad weather. If you only get to play once a month, you might go out in the rain anyway.

But if you’re a 5 rounds of golf per week player, taking a day off when it’s cold, raining, or windy makes for a nice break.

You aren’t grinding to make the PGA tour. You play golf with the expectation you'll have a good time. After all, a bad day on the course is better than a good one at the office.

When it’s pouring and we’re soaking wet, it becomes questionable.


Can you afford it?

Golf is expensive, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you fork over the money for a membership and can play for free every day, it’s like you never paid. Three months into the year that money is forgotten.

Let’s not forget that 7 days per week of golf means going through balls, tees, shoes, and everything else a lot quicker. Those costs add up, so make sure to budget a little extra when you ramp up your rounds per year.

If you pay greens fees every time you play, and want to play every day, good luck. Golf is too expensive for that.


Don’t fall into bad habits

Last, but not least. Be wary of bad habits. If you haven’t taken a 3-footer in months, you’ll miss a few in the next tournament you play. Same with mulligans and breakfast balls.

Don’t let playing every day allow you to slip into bad habits.



If you have enough time, money, will or any other motivation it's ok to play golf every day. But if you would like to decide to do se because of the practice strategy, I would advise you not no...there are many other ways to improve your game than playing golf every day.

Consider practice the most important golf shots, visit local gym and improve your flexibility and power etc. 😉


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