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How Often Do Pros Hit Fairway With Driver?

How Often Do Pros Hit Fairway With Driver?

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Do you wonder how often do pros hit fairway with driver?


Pros driving accuracy

It depends on the golf course, but golf pros hit the fairway with their driver about 7 times out of 10. Professional golfers will struggle with their driver from time to time in the same way that amateur golfers do. When this happens, expect the fairway percentages to be considerably lower.

It's hard for professionals to shoot great rounds when their overall fairway hit percentage with the driver is less than 50 percent. Most professionals struggling with fairways hit will have a hard time making the cut on the weekend. Typically speaking, the winner of a weekly event will have some of the best stats for that week. 


Percentage of fairways hit by handicap

Do you wonder how many fairways other players with a similar handicap hit? Check out this article where I covered the average driving accuracy based on handicap:


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