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How is a golf course designed

How Is A Golf Course Designed

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One of the best parts of the game of golf is the differences between each of the courses. When you have the ability to play a different location and completely change the game, it makes the game so much more unique than other sports. Golf course design is an interesting concept for many golfers, myself included. If you have ever wondered what goes into the process and how is a golf course designed, we have you covered!


Golf Course Design Process

The golf course design process has specific steps to ensure this process takes place without any issues. Designing and building a golf course takes time and money, and it's not something that you will see happening all that often. Here are some of the steps in the golf course design process.


Golf Course Architect Selection

All golf course architects have a unique style and design that they tend to gravitate towards. Famous designers like Donald Ross or Pete Dye make a name for themselves and are known for their unique golf course characteristics.

When a golf course site is selected, a golf course designer is chosen. Someone who is highly capable of working the natural landscape into a complete and finished golf course. The decision depends on the landscape, location, difficulty of the terrain and style of an architect.


Golf Course Layout Selection

Not only is there the need to determine how many holes the golf course will have but also the arrangement of these holes and ensuring that they flow properly. It's no accident that when you finish the 6th hole, the 7th tee box is just a few steps away.

In addition, the design has to work around the roads and facilities already in place on the golf course. Planning a clubhouse or snack house on the golf course is also part of the process.

But that's not all. Good golf course architects also take into consideration usual weather conditions, in which direction wind blows and how this will affect the game etc.

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Features and Difficulty

Golf courses have a variety of features, including paths, stonework, bridges, large waste areas, and more. The features of the natural landscape should be incorporated into the design of the course first.

Once the natural features are showcased, there are options that can include man-made features to enhance the golf course. This can be something as unique and complicated as a waterfall located behind a green. The possibilities are endless for golf course designers.

The difficulty of the golf course is considered throughout the entire process. If golf course architects are not careful about the difficulty, there can be major issues with the course rating and with the pace of play. Tee boxes and par levels are chosen to attract a large number of players.

If you've ever played on a golf course that's well designed, you maybe notice how strategically bunkers are positioned. Almost every bunker (fairway or greenside bunker) affects your game at some point.


Golf Course Building

Once the golf course is properly laid out and designed, the building process can start. If you have ever watched a golf course come together, the process is unique, and much more goes into it than you might think.

First, topsoil is removed, and the entire site is cleared. Then new soil is brought in to create the shape and configuration of the golf course. Hills and dips are marked, and the gradient is determined throughout the entire golf course. This part of the process is very specific and requires excellent attention to detail.

Next, drainage is placed all over the golf course to ensure the long-term health of the turf. The last step is the growth and placement of grass throughout the golf course. Different areas of the course will have their own grass type, including options for fairways, rough, and greens.



As you can see, the golf course design process is something entirely unique and requires careful consideration from a qualified architect and a golf course building contractor. The next time you head out to play a golf course, don't take all that went into this process for granted.


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