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How do you strategize a golf hole

How Do You STRATEGIZE A Golf Hole?

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When playing golf, it is very important to plan for the hole you are about to play. The problem that many golfers run into is that they don’t know how to strategize. So how do you strategize a golf hole?

If you stand on the tee box and feel lost about the best way to play the hole, we have some great tips. Here are some of the best ways to strategize a golf hole and to make sure you play more consistent golf.


Plan the tee shot

One of the main tips on how to strategize a golf hole is definitely planning the tee shot. From the tee box, take a look at how the hole lays out and where the trouble is. Sometimes you will have to avoid water or a large tree; there could also be sand traps that are important to avoid.

It makes sense to look at the total yardage of the hole and consider whether a driver is necessary from the tee box. Drivers often have more room for error, and it makes sense to use a hybrid or fairway wood at times.


Angle of approach

Once you plan out the trouble that you need to work around, you must consider the side of the fairway that gives you the best angle to the green. If the pin is on the right side of the hole, it is much easier to approach it from the left side of the fairway.



Placement on the green

When looking at a golf green, you must consider where to place your golf shot on the green. If the pin is in the back of the green, it can make sense to approach the hole with a lower, more penetrating shot that lets the ball hit the green and then roll towards the hole.

For a pin on the front of the green, it can make sense to hit a higher shot with lots of spin that stops immediately.

Placement on the green also varies when you look at the slope of the hole and any nearby trouble. If the pin is directly behind a water hazard, there is no reason for you to hit at the pin; choose the center of the green instead.


Check the handicap of the hole

The handicap of the golf hole will tell you how difficult the hole is. All golf holes are rated with a handicap, and you can check this information on the scorecard. The number one handicap hole is the hardest.

For the hardest holes on the golf course, be aware of the trouble that will come into play and how that will impact your shot selection.


Consider your personal skill level

When learning how to strategize a golf hole, you must consider your skill level. Try to think about how many times out of ten you would be able to pull off the golf shot in front of you. If it is 7 times out of 10, go ahead and play. If the chances are 1 out of 10, you will likely end up making a double bogey or worse.



Being good at golf strategy means you are aware of the entire situation around you. This takes some time to develop, but it is something that all players can eventually learn. It will definitely help you save a few shots per round, especially if you plan your shots according to your game and shots you're good at.


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