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How to hit more fairways and greens

How Do You Hit More Fairways And Greens?

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One of the most important recent advancements in the game of golf is the ability to track more stats about your golf game. Fairways, greens in regulation, and putts are the first to focus on. Golfers will notice that it’s much easier to get your total number of putts down if you hit more fairways and greens. Here are some of our top tips to hit more fairways and greens.

First two are more or less self explanatory, but you definitely shouldn't skip the third advice, because it's crucial! 


Use A Rangefinder or GPS Device

If you want to hit more fairways and greens, it makes sense to use a GPS device or a rangefinder. The GPS and rangefinder can help you pinpoint the exact distances you need to hit your shots, allowing you to get the ball considerably closer to the hole.

The GPS unit can also be really helpful when it comes to layups and avoiding hazards. With this technology being out there and being legal to use, it makes sense to use it.


Practice Aiming

Aiming is not as natural as it may seem for golfers. When hitting a golf shot, you are going to stand parallel to your target as opposed to facing it. Think about how different this is than something like basketball or baseball, where you will face your target.

On the driving range, use golf alignment sticks to ensure that you are lining up your shots properly.


Improve your golf strategy and course management

Golf strategy and course management are the most neglected part of the game of golf. Let me ask you honestly, do you have a prepared strategy for every golf course you play? And does the strategy take into account al the factors of course management and other related aspects of golf tactics? I assume not, at least not a good one, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article, right?πŸ˜‰

Well, you can prepare a good strategy in 3 easy steps:

  • Analyse the golf course before you play it and create a game plan
  • Mark out the obstacles and hazards for every hole and write down where are the safe spots to aim at
  • When creating the plan take into consideration your strengths and weaknesses so you adjust your strategy and minimise your bad shots

In case you'd like to learn more about golf strategy and how it can benefit your game, feel free to check my free online training HERE


Improve Mental Strategy

Lastly, improve your mental strategy. One of the first things that golfers think about is where they don’t want to hit their shot. Instead of thinking about where not to hit the golf shot, it's time to start thinking about where you should hit your shot. Do you want to hit it in the center of the fairway? Start changing your mental strategy to reflect this mindset, and you will hit more fairways.



I hope this article helps you achieve your desired goal πŸ˜‰ We all know that in order to play better, you need to hit more fairways and greens. That's a fact. So prepare a good strategy plan to play your best, practice aiming and approach the game with a positive attitude.

If you happen to have any other questions I'm always glad to help. Reach out to me over email or any social media account ;)


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