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How to lower your golf score by 10 strokes

How Do I LOWER My Golf Score By 10 Strokes?

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If this is your year to lower your golf score by 10 strokes, you will have to be ready to make a big commitment. There are many ways golfers can lower their scores; through the years, I have tried all of these myself. For some players who are shooting well over 100, this process will be a little more manageable. Those that already shoot in the low 70s will have a bigger battle in front of them.


How to lower golf score by 10 strokes?

One of the main ways to lower your golf score by ten strokes is definitely a lot of practice, visit a local golf pro to see if you do any major swing mistake and then practice most important golf shots and to help you control different shots on the golf course. Speaking of practice, one important factor in lowering your scores is practice routine:


Practice routine

The first step in this process is to develop a really strong practice routine. You must be able to stick to your routine and commit a good portion of your time to lower your golf score. For most players, this means practice sessions at least three times per week. Practice sessions can be also on a golf course, not just on a driving range πŸ˜‰

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Golf course management

Great players make smart decisions on the golf course. Golf course management is a learned skill, and it requires you to evaluate golf holes and make smart decisions about what clubs to use and where to use them from. Learning to evaluate golf holes will take practice and a lot of time on the course, but watching the professionals can be helpful.


Proper equipment

If you want to cut your golf game by 10 strokes, you must have equipment that is properly fitted to your game. This does not always have to be new equipment, but you should ensure that the shafts and playability of the clubs you use are the right fit for you.

Golfer with a correctly fitted golf club for score improvement


Incorporate golf technology

There are numerous options for golf technology that can help players lower their score by ten strokes. These include things like a laser rangefinder for more accurate yardages to the pin and golf tracking devices to improve the score and stat tracking.

If you want to lower your score by 10 strokes, you must know the areas of your game that are the weakest. For many players, the weakness is around the greens, the putting, and the chipping. However, if you use a stat tracking device and find that you never hit a fairway, it’s easy to see where your practice should be done.


Play with good golfers

One of the things that I always found to be most helpful on my way to becoming a better player was to surround myself with other good golfers. If I play with a scratch golfer, it is much easier to learn what they do and what I don’t do. If you can’t play with a scratch golfer, I highly recommend watching the professionals on TV.



Lowering your golf shots by 10 is a pretty big step and a tough challenge which can be achieved with hard work and constant improvement. Despite it can be achieved pretty quickly if you practice enough, keep in mind that improving your score by 10 strokes means you need to improve a stroke by stroke in every aspect of your game. If you're a high handicapper this is many times the easiest way to improve.


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