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How to get better at hitting greens

How Do I Get Better At Hitting Greens?

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Let me tell you, if you're wondering:"How do I get better at hitting greens" you are not alone. 90% of the golfers out there ask the same question. But don't worry, there's a simple solution. Let's first take a look at the most common reasons why golfers miss greens:

  • Lack of precision with tee shots and fairways hit
  • Bad decision making and no strategic approach
  • Too aggressive tactic
  • Bad ball striking
  • Lack of distance control
  • Not adjusting the aim point to most common misses


That being said, we can divide it into two groups:

  1. Problems with technique - SOLUTION is more practice and performance drills
  2. Problems with strategy & tactics - THIS IS AN EASY FIX!


So listen, you can go on the driving range and practice your swing day and night, but if you're not hitting the ball in the right positions on the golf course and knowing which shot and club to choose at the right time, this won't help you! I see many golfers do this same mistake over and over again.

There's much more to it than just swing technique! You can play much better with the existing technique and better strategy than the other way around.


Here Are My Top 3 Tips For Hitting More Greens


1. Focus on your distance.

If you hit your shot left or right of the target, that's sometimes just a swing error which you can't always control, but what you can do is to focus on the distance. Even if you miss the green, you are many times in a much better position if you are parallel to your target.

If you have a bunker in front of the green - would you rather hit it perfectly towards the flag but land it short in the bunker, or a few yards off the line but safely on the green and have a birdie putt? Yes, it can be that simple, you just need to focus on the right things.

2. Find the safe spot on the green and aim at it. Safe spots are your best friend

Do you know what a safe spot is? It's a spot on the green where you need to aim for the best risk/reward ration. It changes for every green based on the obstacles, hazards and other course conditions. So make sure you analyse the green and find out where you should aim to land it safely on the green despite different dangers around the green.

3. Be aware of your good and bad shots and adjust your strategy accordingly

Do you hit it often left of the target? Or do you usually miss the green to the right with a slice shot? That's no big deal. Find out what is you most common missed shot and adjust your strategy and aiming to it. This way you will definitely get better at hitting greens.


In addition, always make sure that you have the right yardage, your alignment is good, and that you pick a very specific target. Remember that the entire green is not the target; a spot on the green is your target. This can narrow your focus and make it incredibly easier to hit a solid shot to the pin.


How Do I Hit More Greens At 150 Yards?

Hitting more greens at 150 yards takes a very strong commitment to club selection as well as aiming. The first part of this process is to get a number to a pin that you can trust. Does 150 yards take you to the pin? Or the front, the middle or the back of the green? Know exactly what club you hit 150 yards in, and find out where this 150 yard shot will take you.

Next, you must make sure that your alignment is good. Alignment requires the proper positioning of your feet, shoulders, hips, and even the clubface. If any of these are slightly off, expect that you will struggle to hit the green from 150 yards.


What's next?

So what's next? Make sure you follow the tips for fast improvement and adjust your strategy and decision making on the golf course! This will definitely help you! And if you want to improve even more, here are my top 3 shots you need to practice to get even better!

If you still have questions or issues with hitting more greens, let us know over email, we're more than happy to help a fellow golfer 😉


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