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6 Golf Strategy Tips for Seniors

6 Golf Strategy Tips for Seniors

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A senior golfer tends to struggle a bit because of the loss of club head speed that occurs naturally through the years. It is an unfortunate truth but one that we will all encounter at some point. However, if senior golfers are smart about their golf strategy, there are still plenty of low rounds to be had. Here are six golf strategy tips for seniors.


Learn To Control Height Of Short Game Shots

Senior golfers can easily compete with any age player if they learn to perfect their short game. However, hitting the same chip or pitch shot into every green just doesn't work.

It is very important for senior players to learn how to control the height of their golf chips and pitches. Learn to play with your 60-degree lob wedge and hit it high into the pin. At the same time, add a shot to your game that is more like a 7-iron bump and run.

Varying the heights of these short-game shots is a tremendous benefit.


Play From The Right Tees

Senior golfers should move up to a tee that makes the game enjoyable again. When you play from too far back, the chance of scoring low goes out the window. It's really not fair to push yourself to play from a tee that is too far back.

Instead, find a comfortable position where you can hit more par 4's in two shots and most par 5's in three shots. If it's taking you four full swings to get on the green on a par 5, the tee is probably too far back.

HERE are also some golf strategy tips for short hitters to help you out!

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Make Friends With A Hybrid

Your hybrid will end up becoming one of your favorite golf clubs in your bag. Take great consideration when choosing a hybrid that you are comfortable with the loft and able to hit high flying golf shots out of any lie.

A hybrid golf club is a great option for the fairway, the rough, and anywhere in between!


Play A Little Less Aggressive

Many golfers are very aggressive and will go after a pin even if it is right behind a hazard. As a senior golfer, start to make smarter decisions on the course. If you struggle with a certain hole because of a water hazard or waste area, think about playing for a bogey instead of par.

Sometimes a simple bogey is not a bad score on a hole. Also make sure you don't three putt often, or if you can, completely eliminate 3-putts!


Stay Away From Bunkers

All seniors should know how to hit a great bunker shot, but if you can help it, stay out of the bunker. The majority of bunker shots take a bit of extra club head speed to allow you to get the club through the sand.

For senior golfers, club head speed can be a bit of an issue, and staying away from bunkers could lead to a few shots saved off of your round.


Play The Right Golf Ball

Senior golfers with a slower swing speed should look for a lower compression golf ball with a bit of a softer feel. Playing the right golf ball can only make it a bit easier to score and make great golf shots. If you are struggling to get spin or proper ball flight, check to make sure it's not the golf ball.



The process of becoming a senior golfer is a gradual one, and it is best handled with patience. Take your time learning some new skills and strategies, get set up with the right equipment, and change your mindset just a bit about how to score on the golf course.

I hope the above mentioned golf strategy tips for seniors are helpful 😉 Let me know if you have any questions, I'm always glad to help!


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