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Senior golf distance chart

Senior Golf Distance ChartĀ 

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Distance can become a major issue for senior players. Some senior golfers start to lose distance around the age of 65-70 years. There are some great things senior golfers can do to help encourage greater distances, but the loss of distance is without a doubt a frustrating time in the game of golf.

Let’s take a look at the average distances that most seniors hit the ball, as well as some tips for seniors that are noticing this reduction in distance.


Senior Golf Distance Chart

Driver 185-200 yards
3 Wood 175
5 Wood 165
7 Wood 155
4 Hybrid 155-165
5 Hybrid 145-155
6 Iron 135
7 Iron 125
8 Iron 115
9 Iron 105
Pitching Wedge 95
Sand Wedge 75
Lob Wedge 60


How far should a senior hit a driver? 

Most senior golfers will hit a driver between 185 and 200 yards. This number has changed slightly in the last few years and tends to be a little higher than you may have seen in the past. The reason for the increase in yardage is the new technology that has come to the market.

For senior golfers, the shaft and club head technology has improved significantly in the last few years, and it is easier to hit the ball far without having to change your swing.

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What can seniors do to increase distance? 

Some senior golfers start to lose distance over time, and this is frustrating. However, there are some quick and actionable steps that senior golfers can take to help increase the distances they hit the ball.


Custom Fitting

A custom golf club fitting will help you determine where you are losing power and what can be done to correct it. Custom golf fittings will come at a cost, but they can significantly improve your ability to hit the ball both further and straighter.


New Equipment

After your custom golf fitting, don’t be afraid to search for some new equipment that is specifically designed to help the senior golfer. New equipment is out there that can easily add ten or fifteen yards to your game; the key is finding something that will be the right match for your swing speed.



Golfers can exercise to gain more distance. Sometimes for senior golfers lifting weights or going for an extra walk a few days a week will be enough to make all the difference. Exercise does not always need to be rigorous to make big changes to your golf game.

Also make sure that you warm up before a round of golf. With a proper warm up and a warmed body you can easily squeeze another few yards extra from your swing. 


More Efficient Golf Swing

The number one thing that all players can do to create more distance in their game is to become more efficient. If you know your swing plane comes over the top or you feel as though your arms get too far from your body at times, try to become more efficient in your golf swing. Take some lessons, record your swing with a video camera and ensure that you have the proper sequence and timing.



This senior golf distance chart can be used as a point of reference. However, if your distances are slightly lower or even slightly higher than the averages on the chart, there is nothing wrong with that. All golfers should just be sure that they know how far all of their clubs go.


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